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The New Reality in Manufacturing:

Embracing augmented reality to tackle factory-floor challenges

For most people, augmented reality is associated with video games or perhaps the heads-up displays in movies such as Iron-Man or The Terminator. But the technology, which involves the superposition of computer graphics over view of one’s real-world surroundings, is now being developed to assist workers and engineers in the manufacturing sector. In such applications, technicians may be able to watch step-by-step instructions while they are servicing equipment or engineers could compare design files to finished products in real time.

The growth of augmented reality applications in manufacturing is not the result of any single silver-bullet technological breakthrough. Instead, it is due to evolutionary advances in a number of component technologies, such as sensors, cameras, localization and mapping, CPUs, and displays. As the technology diffuses more widely, experts believe AR headsets will become a normal sight on factory floors.

In this white paper, find out how engineers at leading technology firms are developing the hardware and applications for using augmented reality in manufacturing. You also will learn about:

  • Which companies are on the cutting edge of augmented reality technology
  • Which kinds of manufacturing are best suited for applying augmented reality solutions
  • How much of an impact early AR applications have had on factory efficiency

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