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Automation for Agriculture:

Bringing more efficiency to the farm

Automation—and especially digitally driven automation—has revolutionized industries from transportation to manufacturing. One unexpected industry that is now embracing the automation revolution is also one of our oldest: Agriculture.

The demand for smarter farm machinery is opening opportunities for nimble new companies to break into the agriculture equipment industry. They are developing self-driving tractors and robots that can pick the most delicate fruit. In the process, these companies may come to dominate the agriculture industry in the coming decades.

In this white paper, you’ll meet some of the leaders in the new agriculture automation sector and how they are starting to transform the farm industry. You’ll also learn about:

  • Autonomous platforms for deploying farm implements to the field
  • Robots that can attack weeds at the root
  • Fully automated systems for growing crops close to consumers
  • And more!

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