Innovation on the Front Lines of Medicine

Engineering and medicine have been intertwined for decades. The relationship has led to everything from X-rays to pacemakers, magnetic resonance imaging, and artificial hearts. In recent years, the relationship has been getting closer, stronger, and more important to the advancement of health care.

One of the most significant places where biomedical engineering is being done is at the nation’s top independent medical centers. These large hospitals, which treat patients day in and day out, are turning out new devices and developing groundbreaking approaches to treating disease. The engineering department at a medical center is charged with helping to improve patient care, and it has a first-hand view of the kinds of problems that need to be solved.

In this white paper, find out how engineers at these top medical centers are working with surgeons and clinicians to develop practical solutions to real-world healthcare challenges. You will also learn about:

  • The role of advanced modeling and simulation software in developing new treatments
  • The value of mechanical engineering in producing novel approaches to care
  • Some of the medical centers that are making best use of on-site engineering expertise
  • How medical schools are adapting to meet the needs of engineering in medicine



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