• Cost effective means of developing pipeline

• Data enriched leads

• Multiple thought leadership opportunities

• Product discovery embedded into customer journey

• Global audience of hard-to-reach decision makers

• Meaningful interaction in a small-format environment

• Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Thought Leadership

  • Curated content via Advisory Group and ASME Industry Lead
  • Keynotes
  • Moderated Panels
  • Fireside Chat Sessions
  • Lunch & Learn Breakouts
  • Industry Awards

Pipeline Development

  • Interactive Exhibit Display area featuring technology and solution providers
  • Demo Jam Sessions
  • Innozone
  • Learning Lab
  • Resource Center
  • Think Tanks


  • VIP Networking Events
  • On-the-spot video chat and text sessions
  • Breakouts after Keynotes and Panels
  • Chat rooms based on topics
  • Meetings
  • Table talks

Just because attendees can't shake hands, doesn't mean there isn't an opportunity to network. Big Data Industry Summit offers unique opportunities for networking and engaging.

  • VIP Experience
  • Table Talks
  • Chat Room Host
  • Custom Invitation Only Networking Events

Whether you’re an OEM wanting to showcase your systems, software, hardware, services or solutions; exhibiting at Big Data Industry Summit allows you to streamline your message towards an exclusive audience of Oil and Gas professionals looking for digital transformation solutions.

ASME knows every company has unique goals, budgets, and interests when it comes to sponsoring an event. That’s why we’ve decided to tailor our sponsorship packages to specifically match your company’s needs. We are committed to providing options which will maximize your ROI and create a lasting impact on your business.


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