Why Big Data?

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Why Attend?

Why Big Data?


Technically complex and financially risky, the oil and gas industry will experience tremendous breakthroughs via Big Data and Digital Transformation.

The “digital oil field” helps produce cost-effective energy while addressing safety and environmental concerns. Drive value, performance, safety and cost savings via digital technology and tools. Demystify and leverage the power of big data to ‘see and connect’ allowing businesses to make better decisions to drive bottom line improvements. Identify the decision to be made and design systems utilizing data to answer questions and provide insight.

Insights | Intelligence | Autonomy

Big Data Industry Summit, powered by ASME, is an interactive forum connecting experts in big data with oil and gas professionals who need to utilize data to deliver critical value-added insights. Live technology demos and real-world case studies reveal a pathway to driving value by scaling and adopting digital solutions. See and experience technologies and tools which will address the challenges of unstructured data, gathering enough of the right kind of data, poor data quality and information overload.

Learn how data, simulation and analytics can be leveraged to boost productivity, save money, and decrease risk in oil and gas. Link big data to decisions to ROI.

Walk away with concrete strategies and action plans for successfully designing and implementing big data projects which will:

  • Improve planning and risk assessment
  • Provide early warnings and best contingency options
  • Detect root causes of inefficiencies

Featured Technologies

· 3D Scanning

· 5G

· AI/Machine Learning


· Automation

· Cloud Computing

· Cybersecurity

· Data Mining

· Data Storage

· Data Visualization

· Digital Twin

· Edge Computing

· Industrial Controls/PLCs

· IoT/Industry 4.0

· Modeling & Simulation

· Process Monitoring

· Robotics

· Sensors (temperature, acoustic, pressure)

· Software

Why Attend?

Live interaction | Face time with experts | Meaningful Connections | Breakthroughs you will not see anywhere else. Reserve your front row seat!

  • Demystify the topic of big data
  • Link big data decisions to ROI.
  • Hear about successful projects and understand the applications to your operations
  • See technologies first-hand and learn from experts
  • Find ideas and resources to improve, accelerate, new applications
  • Meet like-minded professionals facing similar challenges
  • Find technology solution providers
  • Learn from and connect with leading experts

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